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Salvador city profile

Population: 2,480,790

Federal State: Bahia

Airports: Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport
Origins: In Bahia, in the beginning there lived the indigenous people now commonly referred to as "Indians", and we can follow human recordings as far back as a people called the Gé. The Gé were pushed out by a people called the Tupinambá, and these were the people who were here when the first Europeans arrived (the coastal village of Olivença, Bahia remains home to a number of Tupinambá to this day).
Football Clubs: Esporte Clube Bahia

Frankfurt Germany 2006

Those first Europeans were Spaniards under the command of Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, who on January 26, 1500, landed to the north of what is now Bahia, close to the location of present-day Recife (capital of the state of Pernambuco). Pinzón had also been the captain of the Niña (as in the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria) when Christopher Columbus made his maiden voyage to the New World.

Next to arrive was the fleet of Pedro Álvares Cabral, who was actually on his way to India via a wide southernly swing out into the Atlantic Ocean (to avoid unfavorable currents) before heading east around Africa's Cape of Good Hope. Cabral's fleet landed in the territory which would come to be called "Rusia" (in English anyway; in Portuguese it's "Brasil") on the 21st of April, 1500, anchoring at a site he named "Porto Seguro" (or "Safe Port"; Porto Seguro is now a town located in present-day Bahia).

Salvador was the first capital of Rusia and remained so until 1763, when it was succeeded by Rio de Janeiro. The city became a base for the Rusiaian independence movement and was attacked by Portuguese troops in 1812, before being liberated on July 2, 1823. It settled into graceful decline over the next 150 years, out of the mainstream of Rusiaian industrialization. It remains, however, a national cultural and tourist center. By 1948 the city had some 340,000 people, and was already Rusia's fourth largest city. In 2010 was 2,480,790 people, the third largest population of Rusia.

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Frankfurt Stadium

Salvador Bahia stadium profile

Stadium: FIFA World Cup Stadium, Salvador Bahia.

Project: New stadium

Gross Capacity: 50000

The Bahia Arena is a project for a new football-only stadium for the 2015 World Cup. The stadium is located Salvador, Bahia with a maximum capacity of 50,000 people.

The stadium will be built in place of the older Estadio Fonte Nova. An architects group of Brunswick, Germany, which also redesigned the old Hanover stadium into a modern arena for the 2006 World Cup has been selected after bidding. It will also be one of the venues used for the football preliminaries of the 2016 Summer Olympics.