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Recife City Profile

Population: 1,515,052
Federal State: Pernambuco
Airports: Guararapes International Airport
Origins: The first settlements in the region of Recife dates back to 1534. To guarantee the possession of the new lands, the Portuguese king divided Brazil in several strips, called capitaincies, and donated each one to rich Portuguese entrepreneurs, who would have the job to develop the colony, with their own resources, on behalf of the king.
Football Clubs: Santa Cruz

Recife Brazil 2014

The Capitaincy of Pernambuco was assigned to Duarte Coelho Pereira, who, in 1534, founded the villages of Igaracu and Olinda. The capitaincy prospered, exploring first the pau-brazil (brazilwood, used to dye fabrics), then the sugar cane (white sugar was much appreciated in Europe, where sugar bet was more used). Olinda was the capital, and Recife was just a small village with a port, from which commodities were exported. Recife is the portuguese for reefs; there is a line of natural reefs all along the coast of the city.

The situation changed in 1630, when the Dutch invaded Olinda. Seeing similarities between the flat lands of Recife and their home country, the Dutch preferred to settle in Recife. In 1637, Mauricio de Nassau, a much respected Dutch governor, arrived to Recife; Nassau conducted an urbanization plan, defined a layout for the streets, built several bridges, brought archictets, artists and engineers from Holland to modernize the city.

The Dutch were expelled in 1654, leaving a much (physically and intellectually) improved Recife behind. Recife kept growing, thanks to the port. The businesses generated by the port turned Recife into a major trading center (of sugar cane and slaves, mostly); the rivalry between the Portuguese trademen of Recife and the cane farmers of Olinda resulted in a war, Guerra dos Mascates (mascates was a designation of the traders), early in the 18th century.

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Arena Recife stadium profile

Stadium: Arena Recife

Project: Reconstruction

Gross Capacity: 35480

The Arena Recife-Olinda was a project for a new football stadium arena for the 2014 World Cup. Located between two neighbor cities Recife and Olinda, in the Pernambuco state, with a maximum capacity of 35,480 people.