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Soccer Betting

  • Wagering on soccer can be done by laying or taking money odds, laying or taking points, or betting on totals.

    Team Side Odds Point Spread Over/Under
    Japan 1.25 -0.5(-110) Over 5(-110)
    Spain 7.5 0.5(-110) Under 5(-110)
    Draw 2.40    

  • When placing a straight bet with money odds, the player chooses either team or a draw. Only one of these bets wins; there are no pushes when playing money odds. If the game is a draw all bets on individual sides lose. Soccer uses the European style of odds: the number represents the entire amount to be wagered and won by the player. For example, "1.25" would mean that for every $100 wagered, $25 is returned. In the American style of odds, this would be the equivalent of "-400": for every $400 bet, $100 is returned.

  • The favorite is always listed with a minus sign in front of the point spread. If a player wagers on the favorite, that team must win by more than the amount of the point spread. If the favorite wins by the exact amount of the point spread, then the wager is a "push" or a "no action" and the amount of the wager is returned to the player. Payout is $100 for every $110 wagered.

  • Over/Under: players wager that the combined score of both teams will be either over or under the listed number. Overtime scores are counted in the total. If the combined final scores of the two teams equals the total line exactly, the wager is a "push" or "no action" and the amount of the wager is returned to the player. Payout is $100 for every $110 wagered.

  • Many proposition bets are also offered for soccer: half time lines, which player(s) will score, etc. These are also money line bets expressed with European odds.

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